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Illinois Housing Authority Multifamily Preliminary Project Assessment Form

The current version of the Multifamily Preliminary Project Assessment (the “PPA Workbook”) is to be used when applying for an Illinois Housing Development Authority (“IHDA”) administered program that requires a preliminary project assessment and consists of a single Microsoft Excel file.  The PPA Workbook includes a PPA Checklist and the PPA Form.  Only the current version will be accepted.

A complete Preliminary Project Assessment package (the “PPA”) is comprised of a completed PPA Workbook along with the required documents and exhibits.  Incomplete PPA’s will not be considered.

Once you have received your completed excel form from Lihtec Funding it will be your responsibility to submit all of the required materials to the Illinois Housing Development Authority per the instructions.

A Preliminary Project Assessment (PPA) must describe a unique Project.  Sponsors considering multiple Projects or multiple Project scenarios must submit separate PPA’s.

All PPA materials must be submitted by the PPA due date published on the Program Timelines page of the Multifamily Developer section of the Authority’s website as follows:

  • 1) One (1) printed copy of all PPA materials in a single 8 1/2 X 11 folder containing individual manilla folders labeled according to the PPA checklist (For example: 3_Color Location Maps.pdf)
  • 2) A flash drive that includes A) the PPA Form in Excel format, and B) individual .pdf files of all PPA materials named according to the PPA checklist.
  • 3) The Multifamily Fee Payment Form and payment check.

Submit items 1) and 2) above to:

Illinois Housing Development Authority

Multifamily Financing PPA

401 N Michigan, Suite 700

Chicago, IL 60611

Submit item 3) above to:

Illinois Housing Development Authority Receipts and Fees

26411 Network Place

Chicago, IL 60673-1264

Please direct any questions or comments regarding these instructions to: