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A social investment with above market returns


Low Income Housing Tax Credits should be open to everyone-not just banks.  You can now invest directly in the projects you want without excessive front load fees.

LIHTC Return Comparisons

You must have U.S. individual or corporate federal tax liability to offset with business tax credits. LIHTC yields based on national fund yields according to Cohn Reznick. May 2016 Tax Credit Monitor. Muncipal Bonds Composite bond yield for A-rated municipal bonds with 10-year maturities from Yahoo! Finance as of June 1, 2016. LIHTC and Municipal Bond yields are presented as Tax-Equivalent Yields assuming a 39.6% individual income tax rate and a 35% corporate income tax rate. Treasury Notes Interest Rate and A-rated Corporate Composite bond yield with 10-year maturities from Yahoo! Finance as of June 1, 2016

About Lihtec Funding

Lihtec is an online funding platform that connects affordable housing developers to socially-minded investors utilizing digital marketing and distribution to dramatically lower transaction costs.

Lihtec is the only real estate marketplace funding platform dedicated to the development of affordable housing

—Our mission is to further the development of affordable housing, using technology to leverage existing public/private programs by accessing socially-minded investors on a broader scale. We recognize that there are multiple real estate marketplace platforms in the market, but we believe that this asset class requires a special focus and experience to be successful.


Our investors and donors help build housing that sustains their communities

—Think about the vital people in your community: the teachers, the first responders, the home healthcare workers. They provide many critical services but often cannot afford to live in the towns in which they work. Access to affordable housing pays dividends in multiple aspects, through better economic, educational, health and environmental outcomes within your community.


We are a “profit with a purpose” business

—As a low-income limited liability company (L3C), Lihtec is a for-profit, social enterprise venture that has a stated goal of performing a socially beneficial purpose, not maximizing income. We cater to both for profit and non-profit developers, but our primary goal is to facilitate the development of affordable housing units by accessing new sources of capital directly from local investors and businesses.

The Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program has become the principal source of development financing for the affordable housing industry. At the inception of the program, equity was raised from small investments made by individual investors through public offerings. Since the mid-1990’s, individual investors and small corporations have become extinct in the LIHTC market. As a collective group, we believe these investors are critical to the stability of this program. They not only provide a stable source of funding, but also a vocal base of community support. When the community has a direct economic stake in a project, the project has stronger community advocates.