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Illinois Housing Authority Multifamily Preliminary Project Assessment Form

(Based on the 10/19/2015 Update)

A Preliminary Project Assessment (PPA) must describe a unique Project.  Sponsors considering multiple Projects or multiple Project scenarios must submit separate PPA’s.

All PPA materials must be submitted by the PPA due date published on the Program Timelines page of the Multifamily Developer section of the Authority’s website

Fields marked with an * are required

Required Documentation

 Section 1- PPA Fees 

 Section 2- PPA Checklist and Form 

 Section 3- Color Location Map(s) clearly identifying all of the following: 

 Section 4- Color Photographs of all of the following: 

 Section 5- Site Plan(s) for the Project Site(s) including all of the following: 

 Section 6- Building Elevations or Photos as follows: 

 Section 7- Evidence of Preliminary Site Control for the Project Site(s) meeting A) or B) below as follows: 

One or more of the following, dated within six (6) months of the PPA due date, for the Project Site(s):